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Clients We've Served

We’re proud to introduce you to some of our valued clients. We’re guiding them on a road to financial independence and we’re confident of our ability to do the same for you.

At Fortify Wealth, we offer complete financial design services: estate, investment and retirement planning; tax planning; risk management; and cash-flow management. 

Please contact us to schedule a confidential, no-cost consultation at our centrally located office or one of the many cafés and restaurants in our vibrant Clayton neighborhood. 

Fred Wanted to Phase Out of His Business 

Fred — a 69 year old business owner referred to us by a mutual friend — was ready to plan for retirement, but his financial planner had paid insufficient attention to his assets and personal objectives. We helped Fred identify his objectives for retirement and developed a business phase-out plan that took into account his age and lifestyle objectives.

Susan Lacked a Plan for Retirement

52 year old Susan had inherited an IRA on her father’s death but lacked a plan for ensuring her financial well-being in retirement. After generating a series of estimations, we created a plan for building most of the assets for her use in retirement while spreading her portfolio’s risk via asset diversification*. Susan appreciated that we would measure her portfolio’s progress against the plan each year and make adjustments as needed to keep her on track for retirement.

Bill and Joan Wanted to Provide for Their Children

Bill and Joan, a 40 year old couple referred to us by a longtime client, had outdated wills and no trust to provide for their four young children. Coordinating with their CPA and attorney, we created an estate plan to help accomplish their goals: financial security for their kids and peace of mind for them. We also made changes to their life insurance and long-term care insurance after a careful review of their current coverage.

Bob Sought Fairness on His Retirement or Death

Bob, a 56 year old co-owner of a large manufacturing company, called us on the advice of a friend. His business agreement dictated that the company would fully redeem his stock in the event of his death or retirement, but both he and his co-owner had children inside and outside of the business. We recommended that the co-owners pass their interests of voting stock to their active children and the nonvoting stock to their nonactive children. Everyone was satisfied with the arrangement, because the business would continue without one or both of the co-owners, and all children would be treated fairly.

*Using diversification as part of your investment strategy neither assures nor guarantees better performance and cannot protect against loss of principal due to changing market conditions.

The examples presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and may not be representative of the experience of others. The information is for illustrative purposes only and does not portray actual investments nor is it indicative of future performance or success.